A single focus: monetizing the digital audience

• HiMedia Group has specialized in digital media since 1996.

• With an R&D team of 100 engineers and IT specialists, HiMedia Group is a hi-tech player in the business of monetizing the digital audience.

• HiMedia Group leverages the close fit between advertising and e-commerce revenues as the ideal business model for any website.

Two business lines

Online advertising : HiMedia's offering is focused on four pilars (Ad-exchange (RTB) - Video - Mobile - Special operations) helping advertisers and agencies to optimize their digital communication.

Online payment: With over 10 million transactions processed every month, HiPay is an expert in online payments. It offers online publishers and e-tailers the most relevant payment solutions to leverage their businesses. HiPay owns two European licenses: e-money issuer and payment institution.

An international group

HiMedia Group employs 470 people, operates in 8 European countries and holds stakes in Brazil.

A rapidly growing Group

Between 2008 and 2013, HiMedia Group grew its sales from €136 million to €185 million and expanded its workforce from 300 to 470 worldwide.